Top 10 Car Gadgets You Must Have

Top 10 Car Gadgets You Must Have

Some things are unnecessary, some are the necessity, either way you can make your ride and life much comfortable that it used to be, especially if you spent much time in your vehicle. Kids will be satisfied, you are concentrated on the road, your wife can listen to a book, and you are all just fine.

Portable GPS

Now you do not need a map to tell you where to go. Now you can lock it somewhere as an antique and start using portable GPS. This is not a luxury; this is something you really need, especially if you decide to visit some unknown scenery. With GPS installed in your vehicle, you can never be lost.

Ipod connection

With this device installed in your car, you will be able to navigate and listen to your tracks with using the car’s audio system control. Now you do not have to take your eyes of the road and cause troubles on the road.


This wireless signal will support your cell phone connection without a need for hard connection with messy wiring.

Law forbids phone use during the ride and this will help you to make a phone call without even holding it in your hands.

Remote start

There is no need to know more about this than the fact that you need to press a button on the key fob and viola your car started itself.

Besides the fact that it started by pressing the button, there is a possibility to warm up or cool down the interior with same key fob button.

Satellite radio

We are all tired of switching radio channels every few miles looking for clean signal. With a satellite radio signal, your face will lose grumpy look. You will be pleased to know that it covers the whole country.

Car entertainment system

Built-in media plays designed to entertain anyone on the back seat. Yes, it is perfect for long travel and bored kids, but you will see that even you can enjoy in it. Stop, take a break and watch movie, or play a game.

Books on tape

Do not get bored or annoyed with a lousy radio signal. Spend quality time while riding and listen to a book written in CD or tape. Tapes are the replaceable, choice of the books is limited, but if you are passionate in reading, you will find this available fun.

Real-time traffic information

Real-time traffic information is shown on the navigation screen, and it makes the route clearer. You will know the fact and things you should expect while riding to your friend’s home. This is the best way to avoid jams. The manufacturers promised that soon we would be able to calculate alternative routes by this device.

Lane’s departure warning system

A buzzer installed in this device can inform you if there is any deviation of your car just by using small camera and speed sensors.

Cup holder

This might seem like unnecessary detail but the fact is you like your coffee, and you need it even while riding. Every stop signal in traffic can be a perfect moment to refresh or enjoy in your coffee or juice.


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