The 4 Coolest Handsets of 2020

The 4 Coolest Handsets of 2020

2020 has been a great year for mobile handsets, with some stunning and creative handsets hitting the markets. If you are searching for the best mobile handset, look no further as we take a look at 4 of the coolest handsets of 2020.

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With 5G becoming the next big thing in the mobile handset market, mobile manufacturers haven’t disappointed with some pretty amazing 5G capable handsets. The TCL 10L not only looks the part, it also has a whopping 5 cameras, a beautiful FHD+ resolution display, fantastic battery life, the ability to capture video in 4K, and of course, 5G. To find out more about the TCL 10L including colour choices and memory options, check out their website for the TCL10l full specification.

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola have done it again with an affordable phone that looks and feels pricey. This phone supports 5G and introduces the new “endless edge”, meaning the glass screen display curves around the sides of the handset device, for a sleek and smooth finish. The battery life and performance are also great, with the added extra of an in-display fingerprint reader. This handset has 4 cameras, 3 on the back and one on the front, with the ability to capture stunning photos.

LG V60 ThinQ 5G

Yet another 5G capable handset, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G is a thinner and more capable version of the LG V series. LG may not be the most popular mobile handset brand compared to the likes of Apple and Samsung, but they produce some cool handsets that are worth a second look. This particular handset provides a strong performance with the use of an eight-core CPU. For those avid mobile gamers, this phone will provide plenty of power and with an amazing battery life to match – this handset really has it all. Perhaps the coolest thing about this handset is the dual screen ability, allowing users to have two screens open at the same time, great for those multitaskers.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy range has been known and trusted for many years and Samsung don’t aim to stop making cool handsets anytime soon. This handset includes a wide-angle camera on the back, meaning avid photographers can take pictures in an astounding 108 megapixels and allows a zoom of up 100X, allowing for even the most intricate of details to be captured. As stated in the name, this particular handset supports 5G, for the fastest download speeds. The S20 Ultra is ultra in all ways, with a big display and a big price tag to match. For those who don’t mind a large handset, this phone offers everything you could need from a handheld device.  

These 4 handsets have made their mark on the 2020 market and with some great features and the ability to provide 5G for the user, they will continue to storm the market. Whether you want a dual screen handset, a large handset, a curved display or a sleek design, these handsets have something for every mobile user.