Pepsi introduces the Social Vending machine

Pepsi introduces the Social Vending machine Pepsi connects to social media via Social Vending machine, a device through which you can send beverage gifts (from Pepsi, obviously) to friends.

Equipped with touch-screen interface, the Social Vending machine allows you to buy, gift or redeem a drink, or connect to the Pepsi Refresh Project. By choosing the “gift” option, you are required to choose a drink and input your friend’s phone number, along with an optional video message. They will receive your message with an attached code which permits them to “redeem the gift” at another Social Vending device. If you feel particularly charitable one day, you can also send a drink to a stranger, through the “random acts of refreshment” feature (catchy name).

The Dangers of Social Networking: “Facebook Depression”

Most of us spend time on social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. While our maturity stop us (or a part of us) from crossing a line, teens are in danger of falling into a depression.


Teens spend so much time online that they lose all contact with reality. Do you need proof on that? Have you noticed they don’t meet their friends for coffee? They just… „hang out” online. They share their most personal experiences with the entire world, hoping that they will gain some sort of trusted community to rely on. And when something fails, all hell breaks loose.

For example, there have been plenty of couples that have broken up due to some „event” that took place on Facebook: an inappropriate picture, a peculiar „added friend”, a suspicious „like”. Kids get competitive and jealous even when they read the bigger number of friends at someone else, or the successes others have. Unfortunately, teens read too much into this and fall in despair.

Children vs. Cellphones

Have you even seen those tiny persons who hold a communication device in their small hands? Yes, those are our children. Is it ok for children to be having cellphones?

Children vs. Cellphones

I can honestly disapprove. And I won’t take that “well, I grew up without a cellphone and I turned out fine!” approach because it would seem a little hypocritical. But technology has a way of messing things up, even at an early age. I won’t disagree with a parent’s intentions – it’s all for the safety of our children (like having a cellphone in case of emergencies). But kids don’t really know how to appreciate this and they somehow turn it into a bad thing.

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