Nokia X6 16GB officially announced

For those of you who have no use for 32 GB, as the first model, Nokia announced a new version of X6. Nokia X6 16GB will have the same technical specifications as original, except for storage space – 16 GB.

Nokia X6 16GB officially announced

In addition to the 16 GB new Nokia X6 has a track record 3.2 inch touchscreen, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS. Not missing the 5 MP camera and a TV output and, obviously, the basic underlying system Symbian S60 5th Edition OS.

New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads

Google recently announced the implementation of new options for targeting AdWords mobile ads type on mobile terminals with full Internet browsers such as iPhone.

New targeting options for AdWords mobile ads

Using this option, customers can target certain handsets or telephone operators. This function will achieve a particular public, with a message focused on a specific operator or a mobile terminal. The initiative includes the development of optimized pages for a phone, partnerships with some operators, or mobile applications created for a specific platform.

Android gets a new look

Owners of Android phones available today have an interesting alternative to the main screen – SlideScreen.

Android gets a new look

Classic array place of icons is taken from a list of information, each element being associated with the application of origin.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 ready next week?

Sources of intelligence from Boy Genius Report have done its job and have learned all they could learn about the new iPhone OS 4.0, release date not yet known.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0

This „secret agent” said that the new OS will come with multi-touch support on the entire platform, making it fully compatible with Apple Tablet potential. Also, he find out that the iPhone OS 4.0 will finally support multitasking, with applications running in the background and that there will be many changes to Chapter interface and graphics.

CES 2010: Qualcomm will launch 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor

If you’re impressed by smartphones with 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, you should know that this barrier will be overcome, as the chip maker told, Qualcomm. Luis Pineda, vice president of Qualcomm, on product management section, said at CES 2010, that we will see new versions of Snapdragon on market this year, some even with a speed of 1.5 GHz.

CES 2010: Qualcomm will launch 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor

This month, the company plans to launch a 45nm version of Snapdragon processor, 8X50A, with a frequency of 1.3 GHz.

CES 2010 – Palm presents new terminals Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

Now it’s Palm turn to present their products at CES 2010, with its new terminals, new operators to collaborate or software. American producer officially announced two new models: Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus.

Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

Palm event was organized in collaboration with Verizon Wireless and need to know that both Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are running WebOS, with some improvements. Palm Pre Plus comes with a simplified design, 16 GB internal memory and a part of the back of the case type Touchstone (probably compatible with Wireless loading dock of the same name).

Apple (iSlate) tablet specifications escaped on the web

Thinking the announcement that Apple will make on January 26, which will probably be time for launching long-awaited tablet, here I discovered first list of specifications of the terminal which will be called probably iSlate.
Apple (iSlate)

As you can see, Apple tablets comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz, 7.1-inch widescreen display with multi-touch support and a layer that protects against fingerprints, plus a 120 GB Serial ATA hard.

LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010?

A number of interesting phone launches will take place at CES 2010, the first tech event next year. LG is on the list of companies that have special events prepared for the show, such as on January 7, which will include those from Sprint and would be the perfect opportunity to launch the LG Prada III.

LG Prada III and Lotus 2 official at CES 2010

Rumors about Prada loses third model of substance when we realize that the first series of elegant models have never reached in the U.S. (by operators), so not really a launch by Sprint would make sense for Prada III.

Sprint and Microsoft prepare a WiMAX smartphone for CES 2010

We enter into 4G force with CES 2010 next month, since the last rumors say that Microsoft and Sprint would prepare a Windows Mobile smartphone WiMax (4G) for this show.

Sprint and Microsoft prepare a WiMAX smartphone for CES 2010

Sprint has already sent invitations to a press conference to be held on January 6, the day before CES. U.S. operator CEO, Dan Hesse, accompanied by Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft will be present at this event and Sprint representatives said that this conference will be extremely important.