LG Optimus 3D Short Review

LG Optimus 3D Having a phone which can do multiple tasks is good, but having a phone that does this and looks cool, is awesome. The new idea of LG Optimus 3D is based on an attractive design (a glass-free 3D display and a wonderful camera which can record 3D videos.), but also on modern features (for example, it has an additional front snapper so that you can capture everything).

But don’t worry because besides this fresh style, LG Optimus 3D preserves the qualities which made it famous (the perfect NOVA display, Android 2.3) in order to make you feel familiar and comfortable. So, what are you waiting for?

Samsung starts the production of 3D TV

It was natural that, after Sony has promised it will film football World Cup this year with 3D technology and 3D Avatar made waves around the world, to witness the exponential growth of the segment’s 3D LCD TVs. So the people at Samsung, always thirsty for marketing records, are the first, they say, starting the production of 3D TV.

Initially, Sony will produce three types of TVs: 40, 46 and 55 inches. All three versions will be based 3D technology assets Glass, the current standard in the field.

DOOM game now runs on WebOS, with hardware acceleration

If you want to watch the game DOOM running on a mobile phone, better than in the case of the iPhone, the answer comes through the Palm or WebOS. Apparently, the game was ported to this operating system and on your Palm Pre, where it even has 3D acceleration:

DOOM game now runs on WebOS, with hardware acceleration

This is not the first port of the game, but once the upgrade of WebOS, evolved graphics capabilities of the platform.

PS3 compatible with 3D Blu-Ray

The Blu-Ray disc has prepared a codec to use on 3d Blu-Ray display and that is good news for PS3 owners. This codec named Multiview Video Coding (MVC) will only need 50% more storage space for a movie (more than 2D), despite its offer of full 1080p frame for each eye.

blu-ray ps3
PS3 compatible with 3D Blu-Ray

All of these 3D new discs will be compatible too and the 2D versions of each film will be viewable also on old hardware (with these new discs 3D).