Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Reveals Its Features!


Samsung has made a good team with Chromebooks and delivered on the market  the new Samsung Series 3 Chromebox. This cute fellow has all the chances to get the first position in a Top 5 Cool Gadgets due to its great original features ( low-power, high connectivity hardware).

In addition to these ones, it also completes its looks with a single power button, a headphone jack, a pair of USB ports, a DVI port, Ethernet port, two Display Link ports and a power jack. Huh. Lots of stuff right?

All these are completed by the dual-core Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of solid state storage which will make this gadget work like a charm.

The total price: $200 or $300. We don’t know yet for sure, but we do hope for more information soon!