New Cell Phones that Cry, Laugh and Dance

I know that the title sounds incredible, but it seems that robot-phones that have arms, legs and face could make your day better, with a simple dance.

This phone can be personalize by callers: if a good friend it’s calling, it is happy; if your boss is calling it’s sad, etc; and it’s expressing by its features if you have calls or messages.

The phone also has facial recognition software that knows when you are happy or sad, and it will be the same as you.
For now, we know that the prototype is called “Callo” and I can’t wait to have if for tests!

Watch the next video with this amazing prototype:

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  1. Shayarin Bellah

    I cannot understand why people like this robot mechanism this much.I really don’t like it personally. I believe that human is creating itself the weapon against the human society. I may be wrong but this is my thinking and for sure i will not buy any robot mechanics software at least in my home.

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