Listen to Music While Driving with VFM Transmitter and Universal Music Player!

We just love the way technology has evolved, don’t we? I know I do. I never had the time to gather some good CDs for my car, so I won’t get bored while I am driving, so I am still listening to music from 2 years ago.

So I though it would be time for a change.  The VFM Transmitter and Universal Music Player is perfect for what I had in mind because it gives me the liberty to listen to music from any USB memory stick or SD card directly into my car.It comes with a nice remote, so that it would be easier to use while driving and an adjustable transmitter that allows you to put it in different positions.

It also has a Bluetooth connexion through which you can easily transfer music. So easy and fun!

Try it out on mobilefun with only $13.49!