Latest Car Gadgets for 2014


• Automotive applications
After a few years we will wonder how we could live without them, just as accustomed to smartphones after the presentation of the iPhone from Apple only 7 years ago. These applications can be used to control the basic functions in the car or doing various other activities while in the car, like finding a pizzeria near our location, or ordering pizza for home. They represent a huge difference in the way people use their cars – not only for mobility but for making things while you are mobile.

• Your TV has a remote, so why not your car?
The UConnect app can help you control your car remotely; you can unlock your car and start the engine while walking to it. Even if you are not excited by the new systems for information and entertainment or the safety features you would probably love to have a similar application for remote control in your car.
New systems entering the technology world, but quite slowly yet. Like the Acura Link app which has similar functions but is still in developing and improving its work.
Another application for remote control is My Ford Mobile, which controls the lock/unlock function and the air conditioning, but now new features are added like posting the data from your driving in the social network, so you can show how ecologic your car is.
Currently the only other car of Ford’s with application is the future crossover of Lincoln 2015 MKC, and the application is My Lincoln Mobile. This car was launched in December and has not yet been released.


• Discover pizzeria and order a pizza safe by application
At CES 2014, Chevrolet announced its AppShop, which will open with about a dozen applications which take advantage of the 4G LTE connectivity. It will be integrated into 2015 models until the end of this year. Chevy showed productivity applications in the new Corvette Stingray at CES 2014. And Volvo joined the group, releasing its infotainment Sensus Connect system, which includes applications for music, parking and even Wikipedia.
Well, now you can find and order a pizza from your smartphone, but you should not do it while driving. The purpose of these applications is to make the activities of finding and ordering a pizza or finding a free parking spot, or permanent status update on the social network – safer and perhaps more easily by the car rather than by your smartphone in the car.

• Glass Hyundai
At CES 2014, the Korean company Hyundai has announced that its 2015 Hyundai Genesis will have an application for Google Glass. The Glass application currently does exactly what is based in the smartphone Genesis Intelligent Assistant – application for remote control, and it makes a lot of things. Besides controlling the car and its system of infotainment Blue Link, the application can retrieve data from the phone and online resources to send active reminders related to your plans for driving like checking traffic and suggestion for leaving early for a meeting.

• High-tech hopes for old cars
The new system of infotainment NEX Pioneer can replace your existing car stereo, by providing you with a touch interface plus app store. NEX systems are compatible with Mirror Link, a new standard for copying the screen of your phone to display your car.
Before starting to enjoy the features of these applications or the driving of your car, you should book driving test first, to ensure yours and the car’s safety.