Does Size Matter in Your Tablet?

Every time we turn on the television or surf the Internet, commercials and banner ads tell us that size is everything. When it comes to purchasing a tablet, the old stereotype perpetuated by the executives at Apple is that bigger is better.
With a slew of new tablets contending for Apple’s number one spot in the market, the mythology of more screen space and a wider physical design is hard to argue with. Why wouldn’t you want a tablet that blatantly allows you to view content like movies, eBooks, and games on a larger screen? There are three factors to consider when purchasing an iPad contender: size, price, and versatility.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Apple unleashed a giant swarm of impersonator tablets after the iPad release. The original intention for the iPad was for users to generate content and use it like an actual computer. Due to the limitations of the tablet device, competitors like the Android based Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Kindle had the idea to make the device smaller so it would be easy to use when waiting in lines or partaking on other tedious tasks.

Because Apple is the tech giant that it is, supply and demand for their products is understandable. People line up in droves to purchase the latest release and the trend will not stop soon if they keep hauling out cutting edge designs. Because they can, they charge upwards of $800 for the latest releases. The competition is trying to gain their right place in the minds of consumers so they charge less for their devices.

The newly released Kindle Fire will have a cloud network in order to use and distribute digital media. This is will allow people who purchase to view an endless amount of media more easily because of the elimination of downloading and gigabyte storage. The Samsung Galaxy device uses Adobe Flash instead of the iPad’s reliance on HTML5. This will let people view all websites as meant to be seen, watch YouTube, and play games.

Of course, with Apple being the go-to name in the tech and marketing businesses; the next generation of iPads will have a smaller width and be easier to travel with. But because they missed the smaller tablet trend at first, will users want to go back to Apple’s iOS when they have the experience that Android gives them? Tech blogger Kevin Tofel says that he would drop his current tablet in order to go back to iPad.
Apple may be the most reliable and consistent company to purchase for technical advances, but the large size, price, and low versatility are issues to be concerned with.