Red CarBot App from DeskPets

Red CarBot App from DeskPets

All kids, and not only love red cars. I think because red cars make us think about Ferrari, fast and furious car!

We all love fast cars and new gadgets. The DeskPets CarBot App Controlled Red Car is perfect if you want to spend a beautiful evening after work with your kid. I think boys would love to play with new red car, but my small daughter loved it from the start and after 2 weeks it’s still her favorite toy.


CarBot offers lots of fun, having 4amazing ways to play with:
1. Battle mode: for multiple players to battle on infrared and disable opponents car with fire and boost button
2. Personality: mode entertains crowds and the CarBot autonomously goes crazy drifting, speeding and spinning with lights and sounds
3. Maze mode: for players to set up obstacles, while CarBot uses IR sensors to detect mazes and navigate around them with precision
4. Drift ‘n’ Race mode: for player to race car at full speed with or without added sound effects

Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot

Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot

I love toys and specially cool toys, so not a long time ago I’ve purchased and tested the Super DeskPets Green Robotic Tank, and it was amazing. Now I have another great toy, the Cool Black DeskPet TrekBot and it is perfect for having fun with friends and kids.


What I love more at the DeskPet TrekBot is that it has two ways of controlling it. You can control this amazing toy with it’s own five button palm-sized handheld controller or with a free downloadable App and a SmartPhone adapter, which is also included, which plugs into your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android Device.

Avantree HandiSYNC Helps You Keep It Up!

Small things are beneficial, but also easy to forget. I should know better, since I have forgotten my wallet in the train station.

But for those of you who have cars, the keys to it are impossible to forget, so you will always have them with you. And the same applies to the Avantree HandiSYNC: Sync and Charge Cable for Micro USB devices.

Charge Cable for Micro USB devices

Such a long name for such a tiny, but useful gadget.But due to its size, this cable can be attached to your keychain, it is very easy to use, has a USB 2.0 for fast data transfer and most important, it is the one that syncs and charges your Micro USB device.