Nexus TrailBrazer is an efficient, fast and portable Multi Card Reader

Nexus TrailBrazer Multi Card Reader The TrailBrazer designed by Nexus is a small and useful device that lets you manipulate data found on almost all types of storage cards that are available on the current market, including but not limited to SDHC, SD, M2, Micro-SD and MicroSDHC. The multi card reader supports almost all types of card readers (except Sony Ericsson memory sticks, memory sticks duo or M2 memory cards), like the ones built for mobile phones or cameras, and which are of any size.

Nexus’ contraption is great for moving data on the computer (with or without adapters) and you no longer need all the wires that tangle and strangle you. You can store music, pictures, documents, video footage or other types of files on or from your computer. Moreover, because the Nexus TrailBrazer uses memory cards, the device and also be used as a flash drive, ideally for directly moving, copying or accessing files and folders between two computers.

What really makes it stand out from other types of card readers is that TrailBrazer also lets you access information found on your SIM card. This is particularly useful if you have a bunch of old SIM cards lying around the house but you can not access the data on them. With the TrailBrazer you can easily transfer, backup, store and edit contacts or text messages found on your SIM card.

ASUS announce release of revolutionary new PadFone handset

ASUS PadFone The boundaries that separate the tablet computer from the smartphone are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to touchscreen technology and ever-improving hardware. Now it seems that electronics manufacturer ASUS are about to add more confusion to the situation, as they announce the impending release of their latest smartphone/tablet device: the PadFone.

The PadFone has been causing a stir amongst smartphone and tablet PC manufacturers of late; it promises to allow users to switch between smartphone and tablet for a “seamless experience”. In essence, the device is a top of the range touchscreen smartphone that docks into a tablet PC device; although both devices will be able to utilise a single SIM card for network connectivity on both devices.

ASUS have made some bold claims about their latest offering and have just released promotional video material on YouTube, showing potential users the enhancements which they envisage the device will grant in day to day life.

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