Video – Apple iPad, tested for the first time

After being released by Steve Jobs last night in a luxurious event, Apple iPad tablet is analyzed by people from SlashGear and presented the next moment.
It is this gadget only an oversized iPhone or more than that?

Apple iPad, tested for the first time

At first sight, whether we are dealing with an oversized iPhone, or rather with an extra-large iPod Touch, since it lacks the terminal room and, in some versions and 3G connectivity. Version of the iPhone OS that runs iPad is unknown, probably with OS 3.2, in no case for iPhone OS 4.0, whose views should have seen yesterday.

Apple iPad, tested for the first time

Virtual QWERTY keyboard it’s working quite well and the handset comes with side buttons (volume and probably other similar functions). On Apple iPad are running Google Maps without little lag, and shift from portrait to landscape mode can „prevent” sometimes, but that happens on the iPhone. The same video shows us how we can play Tetris on the new tablet and how we read e-book sites, giving the page as if a real book.
Is it the Apple iPad what you’ve expected or less?
Source: SlashGear


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  3. Waylon Brittian

    The Apple iPad looks crazy. I will definitely be buying one. I am just undecided whether to get the wifi or the 3g and which size to get.

  4. Linda Inagaki

    The processor is tagged as somewhat more recent model number but it and also the GPU are most likely the similar pace as the 3GS. The old Contact with the same CPU and GPU as the 3G was faster. Apart from having the clock speed turned up higher the Contact has much less software programs to run since it

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