Samsung laptop with translucent AMOLED display

I would say that it’s pretty odd. The concept below is equipped with a 14 ” AMOLED screen type and external panel was removed. It can see things that crawl behind the screen. We can not currently talk about the practical side of this technology.

Samsung laptop with translucent AMOLED display

Information on screen should be easily visible at any time and do not know how much help a semi-transparent display. On the other hand, many will be impressed by such a toy and respect of others is a great value for some users.

Samsung starts the production of 3D TV

It was natural that, after Sony has promised it will film football World Cup this year with 3D technology and 3D Avatar made waves around the world, to witness the exponential growth of the segment’s 3D LCD TVs. So the people at Samsung, always thirsty for marketing records, are the first, they say, starting the production of 3D TV.

Initially, Sony will produce three types of TVs: 40, 46 and 55 inches. All three versions will be based 3D technology assets Glass, the current standard in the field.

CES 2010 – HTC Smart, a smartphone for all pockets

While some companies break the barrier of 1 GHz mobile phone processors exceed 4.5-inch diagonal screen, Samsung returns to the public with good news. The company announced today the HTC Smart model, which you can admire below a mass of publicly available telephone.

CES 2010 – HTC Smart, a smartphone for all pockets

The terminal will significantly reduce the cost, relying on the Brew platform, those from Qualcomm, instead of Android and Windows Mobile.

Samsung Corby Pop – cheaper than first Corby

Samsung Corby S3650 is one of the most popular phones of this winter, due to price or accessibility, but it seems that his successor will have a lower price. It is about the Corby Pop model, which continues the series of successful Nokia terminals.

Samsung Corby Pop

The new terminal will cost less than the first Corby and will incorporate a 1.3 megapixel camera, 22 MB internal memory, a 960 mAh battery and FM radio.

Samsung HD 2 is better than Iphone 3GS

I’ve played with an iPhone 3G 16GB but since I saw this movie I would have liked for the iPhone to have the same functions as the Samsung HD2.
I don’t want to say that iPhone is a bad phone but I think that they could learn for this great Samsung HD2.
What do you think, the HTC HD2 is better than Iphone 3GS?

Samsung HD 2 is better than Iphone 3GS

Let’s see some specification about Samsung HD 2:

Samsung Announces Omnia HD I8910 – Gold Plated Edition

Samsung Electronics announced the sale of HD Omnia i8910 Gold Edition model. This premium version of the touch smartphone’s comes equipped with full display with a new look, special accessories and a gold plated casing.

Samsung Omnia HD I8910

Samsung i8910 HD Gold Edition is available in golden colors „Champagne” or peat „Luxury”, both decorated with 24 gold karats.