ASUS announce release of revolutionary new PadFone handset

ASUS PadFone The boundaries that separate the tablet computer from the smartphone are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to touchscreen technology and ever-improving hardware. Now it seems that electronics manufacturer ASUS are about to add more confusion to the situation, as they announce the impending release of their latest smartphone/tablet device: the PadFone.

The PadFone has been causing a stir amongst smartphone and tablet PC manufacturers of late; it promises to allow users to switch between smartphone and tablet for a “seamless experience”. In essence, the device is a top of the range touchscreen smartphone that docks into a tablet PC device; although both devices will be able to utilise a single SIM card for network connectivity on both devices.

ASUS have made some bold claims about their latest offering and have just released promotional video material on YouTube, showing potential users the enhancements which they envisage the device will grant in day to day life.

The slimmest BlackBerries ever-Bold 9900 and 9930

The slimmest BlackBerries ever - Bold 9900 and 9930 BlackBerry introduces its slimmest QWERTY smartphones to date: Bold 9900 and 9930 (also known as the Bold Touch) which carry the ultimate technologies while still wearing the signature of BlackBerry.

The Bold 9900 and 9930 feature a 2.8-inch touch screen, 1.2 GHz processors, 8 Gb of onboard memory, 5-megapixel cameras that can record 720p HD video, dual-band Wi-Fi, a built-in compass and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. While both of them run BlackBerry OS 7, the 9900 has 4G through HSPA connectivity and the 9930 is the world version of RIM with dual-band CDMA and quad-band GSM.

Children vs. Cellphones

Have you even seen those tiny persons who hold a communication device in their small hands? Yes, those are our children. Is it ok for children to be having cellphones?

Children vs. Cellphones

I can honestly disapprove. And I won’t take that “well, I grew up without a cellphone and I turned out fine!” approach because it would seem a little hypocritical. But technology has a way of messing things up, even at an early age. I won’t disagree with a parent’s intentions – it’s all for the safety of our children (like having a cellphone in case of emergencies). But kids don’t really know how to appreciate this and they somehow turn it into a bad thing.

2010 Gadgets for Ladies

In Car Microwave In-car microwave oven
If you are always on the move and you need to set up your very own meals at the comfort of your own car, you’re in-car microwave oven can do the trick. This compact microwave is built to fit in on the car without the bulk. You will certainly love eating hot popcorn while watching your favorite flicks or even prepare a meal that just needs pre-heating. You can eat healthily and heartily without the waste of time and money!

Eyezone massager
If you are always on redeye flights or you are always lacking sleep, then an eyezone massager will give you an amazing sleep that will certainly put you to the best relaxing eye massages. The area around your eyes is very sensitive so the massager gives the ample massaging capacity to put you to a great slumber no matter what the time is or wherever you are. The eyezone massager is the best option you have for those nights when you need immediate comfort!

Motorola MILESTONE 2

Motorola MILESTONE 2
Motorola announced the Milestone 2 that will be available in Europe, too.

As expected, Milestone 2 has top facilities with high-resolution screen, powerful processor and video capture 720p. The list of technical facilities of this device:

* 3.7-inch touchscreen with 854 x 480 pixel resolution

LG Prime with $50 Airtime Credit

LG Prime with $50 Airtime Credit
LG Prime is a great phone with big touchscreen display that helps to connect to your social networking accounts, as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. It also has a 2.0 MP camera and cam-recorder for good pictures and videos.

• Affordable touchscreen phone with 3-inch display–includes $50 airtime credit with AT&T’s GoPhone service
• Pay for just the minutes you use with no annual contract–easy refill via Internet or prepaid cards; compatible with AT&T Navigator GPS turn-by-turn directions
• 2-megapixel camera/camcorder; Bluetooth stereo music; microSD expansion to 16 GB; access to personal e-mail and instant messaging services

New Cell Phones that Cry, Laugh and Dance

I know that the title sounds incredible, but it seems that robot-phones that have arms, legs and face could make your day better, with a simple dance.

This phone can be personalize by callers: if a good friend it’s calling, it is happy; if your boss is calling it’s sad, etc; and it’s expressing by its features if you have calls or messages.

The phone also has facial recognition software that knows when you are happy or sad, and it will be the same as you.
For now, we know that the prototype is called “Callo” and I can’t wait to have if for tests!