Google launched first mobile phone: Nexus One, 1 GHz smartphone Android 2.1

After a long wait and numerous rumors and speculation, Google has finally released a mobile phone under its own branding, Nexus One. The handset was officially introduced yesterday in the U.S., in a press conference and must know that this model is manufactured by HTC.

Google launched first mobile phone: Nexus One

The terminal can be purchased through an online store from Google, available at this address, but the offer is valid only for U.S. residents. The phone is not only a premiere by the fact that search engine giant gate branding, but also by attractive design (which remember of the Motorola Droid) and impressive specifications.

Google Nexus One phone – in a first review

Lucky people from Engadget had the opportunity to play with a Google Phone / Nexus One before its official launch, making its first review. This after I saw many pictures, videos and specifications escaped the web, which describes the phone as the next iPhone killer. If so or not find among the following:

Google Nexus One phone

Google Nexus One phone

We do a brief recap of the specifications, find a phone manufactured by HTC, running Android 2.1 using the Snapdragon processor 1 GHz and integrate handset and a touch screen of 3.7 inches with resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, but unfortunately without multitouch support.

Google presents new dynamic searching and Goggles elements, image-based search service

Google held an official event yesterday at the Computer History Museum, presenting the public and press its new search functions and technologies about the search in real time and that based on images. We are impressed about Google Goggles, and you can see a video about it, below:

Goggles is a visual search application, available on Android terminals and allows searching objects using images instead of words.