A clock that reminds you time is money

Time Is Money Clock True businessmen know the proverbial saying that “time is money”. Remind yourself this everyday, by getting this Time Is Money Clock. And maybe you’ll think twice about buying that expensive pair of shoes.

Designed by the French studio ATYPYK, the simple white clock features a hole where you can stick coins in. When the month is due and you need to pay electricity or phone bills, just open the clock at the top and select your desired amount in change. Made from ceramic, the clock has a reliable quartz drive and measures 30 cm in diameter.

Cool USB Fridge

Cool USB Fridge This is rather amazing to know that all products are getting its portable form and shapes soon. Even the fridges that we use in large shape and size inside our home are not left anymore. People can even get a USB fridge for them.

This new product is available in market and users can typically keep their meals or drinks cool inside it. It does not consume heavy electricity and completely environment friendly and energy efficient.

The small and tiny fridge has good capacity to keep your drink cool. With 4 feet cable connected for power supply, LED lighting effects and easy to install features make it a top choice for computer geeks.