Video – Apple iPad, tested for the first time

After being released by Steve Jobs last night in a luxurious event, Apple iPad tablet is analyzed by people from SlashGear and presented the next moment.
It is this gadget only an oversized iPhone or more than that?

Apple iPad, tested for the first time

At first sight, whether we are dealing with an oversized iPhone, or rather with an extra-large iPod Touch, since it lacks the terminal room and, in some versions and 3G connectivity.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 ready next week?

Sources of intelligence from Boy Genius Report have done its job and have learned all they could learn about the new iPhone OS 4.0, release date not yet known.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0

This „secret agent” said that the new OS will come with multi-touch support on the entire platform, making it fully compatible with Apple Tablet potential. Also, he find out that the iPhone OS 4.0 will finally support multitasking, with applications running in the background and that there will be many changes to Chapter interface and graphics.

Apple (iSlate) tablet specifications escaped on the web

Thinking the announcement that Apple will make on January 26, which will probably be time for launching long-awaited tablet, here I discovered first list of specifications of the terminal which will be called probably iSlate.
Apple (iSlate)

As you can see, Apple tablets comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz, 7.1-inch widescreen display with multi-touch support and a layer that protects against fingerprints, plus a 120 GB Serial ATA hard.

Christmas Charger for iPhone 3GS

During winter holidays Apple brings some small changes to „iPhone package”, decreasing the thickness of the box that comes and changing handset and charger form.

Christmas Charger for iPhone 3GS

It is about the iPhone 3GS’s charger, now smaller and more compact, as you can see in these pictures. Apple wants to „save the planet” or is it just a marketing move that will „trick” customers that the new package includes something extra?