Patek Philippe Watch sold for $1.91 million

We all know watches are pretty expensive, and in order to own a good and elegant one we have to save up for a long while. The following watch is an example that definitely supports this statement.

The Only Watch Patek Philippe is a piece of jewelry that participated at the  Only Watch 2011 auction and set the price at $1.91 million. Not bad, right?

In addition to having a black enamel dial with white gold Breguet numerals, a 33 mm diameter and three interchangeable stainless steel solid case back, this watch also comes with a Certificate of Origin and a certificate of unique piece.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself a little shocked by the amount of money spent on an object that is designed to tell us time. Absolutely stunning, but made for those who actually know how to wear such an expensive item.